Size: 318ml – Multiple plant extract compound formula helps the hair become smooth and silky easily. The high density soft foam that surrounds the hair helps repair and strengthen the damaged hair, leaving the hair soft and smooth.

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Professional formula for dryness and damaged hair. Rapidly absorbed, it restores your hair’s moisture balance, providing natural protection from the elements. Enriched with lotus extracts and bamboo extracts to nourish and moisturize. Regular use tones the natural elasticity of your hair for a more youthful, healthy appearance. Free from parabens.

– Smooth and soften
– Repair split ends
– Vita pure fragrance care system
– Ultra moisture hair care

Core ingredients:
Repair and plant extract compound essence: rich moisturizing essence helps moisturizing hair from the inside out, leaving hair lasting moist and bright.
Multiple plant proteins: deeply nourish the hair core and strengthen hair to restore the healthy elasticity.

Beaver expert hydro botanical hair therapy series: 5 core technology

PH5.5 Weak acidic formula: Gently for our scalp and maintain PH balance offer ultra protective film and Isolate the stimulation outside
Intelligent cationic polymer: Intelligent repair the damaged hair, adsorption of static electricity, smoothing the frizzy hair
Natural plant ingredients: Specialized research on different hair problems natural ingredients formulation, high efficiency in solving different hair problems
Marula nuts oil: Strong anti-oxidation and high-efficiency moisturizing, without fear of free radicals and PM2.5 erosion, keep the hair bright and smooth all the time
Super moisturizing active factor: Infused with bamboo, water lily, lotus plants essence, high efficiency in water-locking and hydration makes hair moisture and flexible