Size: 250g – A Complete ant ageing solution in 1 hair mask, scientifically formulated to nourish, protect and repair your hair, while extending the lifespan of your hair botox treatment.

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Infused with our famous 12 oil extracts and now added chamomile oil. Chamomile Essential Oil helps in protecting hair from the adverse environmental conditions. This oil is effective for treating oily hair which is responsible for dandruff. Apart from invigorating hair growth, chamomile also strengthens the hair roots.

This unique treatment focusses on:
Anti Frizz – In combination with Argan Oil, the Botonino Super Repair maintenance mask keeps frizz at bay, with its unique light weight, non oily formula.
Anti Ageing – Vitamin A has positive effects on the hair, as it helps the scalp produce a healthy sebum to nourish and protect the hair. Vitamin A also strengthens hair to reduce breakage.
Anti Hair Loss – Enriched with Vitamin E, to improve hair growth and reduce hair loss. With its unique antioxidant properties, it reduces oxidative stress in the scalp. Omega- 6 helps stimulate hair growth
Anti Salt – Simply wet hair before swimming and distribute an even amount of Botonino Super Repair mask through hair and allow it to seal the cuticles, and prevent from salt and chlorine.